While we are on the subject, if you guys really want us women to join in more on audiophile/hifi forums and groups, please, just put it away will you?  I remember being at school in the 70s and the boys would be frequently shrieked at, by irate teachers, for having competitions to see who could wee the highest up a wall.  This obviously proved that they were highly masculine so when they grew up they continued to apply this ‘rampant masculinity’ and ‘willy waving’ technique to their hifi… 




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2014 has kicked of with what has been a very successful CES by all accounts. HiFi Pig was not there but we are hoping to make it over the pond very soon.

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The last little rant I had on HiFi Pig concerned vinyl and my….ahem, ‘feelings’ towards it.
It did provoke a lot of comments and I was surprised by just how many people agreed with me, on the grounds of it needing so much tinkering and fettling to get everything sounding perfect. More »

After spending nearly the last 20 years with Mr Hifi Pig we get along pretty well and only have minor altercations and disagreements every now and again.

There is one subject that really divides us though, vinyl.

To Mr Pig it is the ultimate listening experience.  More »

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