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Dan Worth tries out a range of cables aimed specifically at users of Naim electronics.  More »

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Ferrum is a Polish manufacturer with just two products under their belt, the OOR headphone amplifier and the product we have in for review here, the HYPSOS power supply costing €995/$995. The HYPSOS is suitable for a wide range of products but in this review Dave Robson checks the product out with his Mytek Brooklyn DAC+.

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True Colour Industries are based in Northern Ireland and makes a range of audio cables and power distribution products. Here Ian Ringstead takes a listen to their Temple Constrictor SE 6-way Powerblock and TCI Cobra II interconnect. More »

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Launched in May of this year Tellurium Q’s Black II aims to be an improvement of the original Black range of cables. Does it achieve this? Janine Elliot finds out.

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Hifi Pig review of the Titan Audio’s Force Field Module that is designed to reduce the effects of RMI, EMI, and Wi-Fi interference in Audio systems. More »

Esprit is a French-based cable manufacturer that has a great name for building high-quality cables in their own country but were relatively little known in the UK and beyond until quite recently. In this review David Robson checks out their Eterna range of cables, including RCA, XLR interconnects, and speaker cables and priced as follows – speaker cable 3m €2360, RCA 1.2m €1890, and XLR 1.2m €1980.

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Max Townshend is one of the stalwarts of the UK (and beyond) audio scene and is one of the industry’s great characters. Over the years he and his company have introduced a number of innovative products, and not always without a degree of controversy.  Here Janine Elliot takes a listen to the company’s Isolda loudspeaker cable costing £1141 for a pair of 3m lengths. More »

The iFi Power Station is, as its name may well suggest to many, a mains purifier and distribution block. It costs £499. Janine Elliot plumbs it into her system.  More »

Vertere, best known for their turntables, has released a range of cables. Here, Ian Ringstead tries out their Redline XLR to XLR balanced interconnect. More »

Tellurium Q has updated their entry-level cables, Janine Elliot compares the old with the new.

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Distributed in the UK by Russ Andrews, the Kimber Carbon 8 and 16 loudspeaker cables use a carbon polymer in their construction and cost from £861 and £1634 for a terminated 1m pair. Ken Stokes takes a listen. More »

Ken Stokes takes delivery of the Chord CompanyEpic and EpicX cables and puts them through their paces.

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Esprit Audio has been handmaking audio cables in France for over 23 years but they are little known outside their home country. Could all this be about to change? Janine Elliot takes a listen to their Beta speaker cables and interconnects. More »

Tellurium Q launched their very first cables ten years ago this month and so what better time for Janine Elliot to test out the second iteration of this UK based company’s Ultra Black interconnects, the Ultra Black II costing £558 a pair in XLR format. More »

WyWires Blue Interconnects and Speaker Cables reviewed by Alan McIntosh.  More »

Costing from £100 for a 1m length, the Titan Audio Nyx power cables could be a great starting point for people looking to upgrade from supplied cables. Alan McIntosh plumbs them into his system for a listen.

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Tellurium Q Silver and Silver Diamond mains cables are both are new additions to the Queen’s Award For Enterprise winning company’s product range. The Silver is their entry-level Silver power cable and the Silver Diamond is the top level of their Silver range. They cost £1200  for 1.5m of the Silver and £2200 for the same length of Silver Diamond. Dan Worth takes a listen. More »

Tellurium Q Ultra Black II Speaker Cable is the latest incarnation of this British company’s Ultra Black cable and costs £310 per metre. Ian Ringstead plumbs it into his system for Hifi Pig.  More »

David Robson takes a listen to Black Cat’s Coppertone speaker cables and matching RCAs costing £276 for a three metre pair and £159 for a one metre pair respectively. Will David be the Cat that got the cream from this relatively budget offering?  More »

Janine Elliot takes a look at the innovative IsoTek Evo Ascension C15 mains cable costing £3000. More »

Titan Audio, A relatively new company, starting out in 2013 and based in Northern Ireland with a passion for getting the best mains power to your HiFi equipment. Not only do Titan strive to construct the very best power cables and connections, they back their work up with a “Lifetime” guarantee too. Here Dave Robson will be be testing their Styx Power Distribution Block and the first three power cables in their line up. The Styx, Tyco and Helios power cables. More »

David Robinson takes a listen to the new Gekko Cables Purple Haze interconnects that have a unique construction and cost £2499 for a one metre pair.  More »

Ian Ringstead tries out the Tellurium Q Ultra Black XLR interconnects costing £540 for a 1m pair.  More »

David Robson takes a listen to the relatively budget “The Element Superior” interconnect from Scottish brand Atlas Cables costing £72.50 for a 1 metre pair. More »

Hifi Pig review of the latest cable from innovative UK company Wire On Wire. This time it is their 660 speaker cable that has, to say the least, an interesting, and configurable, geometry. Contains a video of the owner of Wire On Wire explaining the concept behind his cables.  More »