QNKTC was founded by Børge Strand-Bergesen, who is an expert on electronics filter design, circuit board layout and design for manufacturing. He believes the circuit board design contributes greatly to the sound quality of the DAC. Critical analogue signals are kept on short tracks and away from the digital section. The board design has an obsessive focus on controlled return currents and builds on Strand-Bergesen’s experience with radio frequency and analogue ASIC layout.  More »

Norbert Lehmann is the CEO of Lehmann Audio in Germany, a company that produces headphone amps, phono stages and an amplifier as well as pro audio equipment. He is a graduate in audio engineering and is a keen guitarist. More »

As a classical violinist and physicist Damon Coffman founded Coffman Labs with one goal: creating products that reproduce the natural sound experienced during live performances. Coffman Labs builds all-analogue, vacuum tube-based products including the G1-A phono/line preamplifier and the H1-A headphone amplifier. All Coffman Labs’ products are hand-crafted in Oregon, USA using point-to-point wiring and custom parts. The G1-A is limited edition with only 500 numbered and signed pieces. More »

Anthony Sallis is the Technical Director at NuNu Distribution, UK Distributors for Audiophile Base support systems, Astin Trew electronics, Belles audio electronics, Creaktiv system enhancing products, Oracle Audio Technologies turntables and CD replay devices, Renaissance Amplification, SCS audio isolation concepts and TAD Labs. More »

“Laurence Armstrong is Managing Director of Henley Designs Ltd, one of the largest independent hi-fi distributors in the UK.  Henley Designs was formed as the result of a management buyout of Ortofon UK in 1997 and they now supply UK retailers with some of the world’s most recognizable  hi-fi brands, including Pro-Ject Audio, Ortofon, Audio-Technica and Roksan.” More »

Thomas Scherer is the Managing Director and chief creative force behind the German loudspeaker manufacturer Thomas Scherer Audio Engineering. TSAE make just two loudspeakers at the moment, the striking and very contemporary looking transmission line Evince and the more conventional looking sealed box loudspeaker Elation. More »

‘You must go back to the live music and know how it sounds, the touch of a cymbal, the draw on a violin string.’  There is the essence, the philosophy, of Peter Bartlett, designer of the Cyrus 30th Anniversary system, where he seeks to ‘wrap up 30 years of know how into one holistic system.’

Here we get ‘Behind the Brand’, with Peter Bartlett, Technical Director of Cyrus. More »

Based in Japan, Arnaud Rastoul is the owner of Ologe Acoustic, manufacturer of innovative loudspeakers and audio electronics that are designed very much with a minimalist aesthetic. More »

Daniela Manger is the CEO & owner of Manger Products. She has involved in Hi-Fi, electronics engineering & Pro-Audio markets almost since she was born due to family interests. Based on their unique Manger MSW/Sound Transducer their current portfolio includes Reference Active Monitor (MSMc1) & its floorstanding version (MSMs1), plus other accessories which help to evaluate the musical results in both the Hi-End & Professional markets. More »

Graeme Holland heads up Audion, a high-end valve amplifier manufacturer based in South West France, having traditional values and service, yet at the forefront of tube technologies. Now celebrating 25 years of supplying and creating high-end audio products, Audion goes from strength to strength. More »

Tufan Hashemi is Managing Director of Roksan Audio, the company that brought the audiophile community the Xerxes turntable in the mid 1980. The company still produces a version of the Xerxes turntable (The Xerxes .20 Plus) as well as a host of other products including amplifiers, cartridges, tonearms, CD Players, loudspeakers and a tuner.

The company’s latest product is the Oxygene range which includes an uber-cool CD player and amplifier. More »

Name.  Martin van Rooyen

Company. Perreaux Industries Ltd 

Position in company. El Kabong

What was your very first hifi?

Pioneer 20w receiver, speaker and turntable package….I was ecstatic.

What was the first live music event you attended?

Fleetwood Mac, Western Springs New Zealand 1977 More »

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