Hifi Pig would like to say a massive thank you to the Part Time Audiophile for allowing us to use these photographs.

Part 1 here

Part 2 here

Part 3 here
 photo CT6A7012.jpg

 photo CT6A7015.jpg

 photo CT6A7016.jpg

 photo CT6A7017.jpg

 photo CT6A7019.jpg

 photo CT6A7020.jpg

 photo CT6A7021.jpg

 photo CT6A7024.jpg

 photo CT6A7025.jpg

 photo CT6A7026.jpg

 photo CT6A7027.jpg

 photo CT6A7028.jpg

 photo CT6A7029.jpg

 photo CT6A7030.jpg

 photo CT6A7031.jpg

 photo CT6A7032.jpg

 photo CT6A7033.jpg

 photo CT6A7034.jpg

 photo CT6A7035.jpg

 photo CT6A7036.jpg

 photo CT6A7037.jpg

 photo CT6A7038.jpg

 photo CT6A7039.jpg

 photo CT6A7040.jpg

 photo CT6A7042.jpg

 photo CT6A7043.jpg

 photo CT6A7044.jpg

 photo CT6A7045.jpg

 photo CT6A7046.jpg

 photo CT6A7047.jpg

 photo CT6A7048.jpg

 photo CT6A7049.jpg

 photo CT6A7050.jpg

 photo CT6A7051.jpg

 photo CT6A7052.jpg

 photo CT6A7053.jpg

 photo CT6A7054.jpg

 photo CT6A7055.jpg

 photo CT6A7056.jpg

 photo CT6A7062.jpg

 photo CT6A7073.jpg

 photo CT6A7074.jpg

 photo CT6A7076.jpg

 photo CT6A7078.jpg

 photo CT6A7080.jpg

 photo CT6A7081.jpg

 photo CT6A7083.jpg

 photo CT6A7084.jpg

 photo CT6A7086.jpg

 photo CT6A7280.jpg

 photo CT6A7281.jpg

 photo CT6A7283.jpg

 photo CT6A7284.jpg

 photo CT6A7285.jpg

 photo CT6A7286.jpg

 photo CT6A7288.jpg

 photo CT6A7289.jpg

 photo CT6A7291.jpg

 photo CT6A7292.jpg

 photo CT6A7293.jpg

 photo CT6A7294.jpg

 photo CT6A7295.jpg

 photo CT6A7296.jpg

 photo CT6A7297.jpg

 photo CT6A7298.jpg

 photo CT6A7299.jpg

 photo CT6A7300.jpg

 photo CT6A7301.jpg

 photo CT6A7306.jpg

 photo CT6A7307.jpg

 photo CT6A7308.jpg

 photo CT6A7309.jpg

 photo CT6A7310.jpg

 photo CT6A7313.jpg

 photo CT6A7315.jpg

 photo CT6A7316.jpg

 photo CT6A7091.jpg

 photo CT6A7092.jpg

 photo CT6A7093.jpg

 photo CT6A7095.jpg

 photo CT6A7096.jpg

 photo CT6A7097.jpg

 photo CT6A7098.jpg

 photo CT6A7099.jpg

 photo CT6A7100.jpg

 photo CT6A7101.jpg

 photo CT6A7102.jpg

 photo CT6A7105.jpg

 photo CT6A7107.jpg

 photo CT6A7108.jpg

 photo CT6A7109.jpg

 photo CT6A7111.jpg

 photo CT6A7112.jpg

 photo CT6A7113.jpg

 photo CT6A7114.jpg

 photo CT6A7115.jpg

 photo CT6A7116.jpg

 photo CT6A7117.jpg

 photo CT6A7118.jpg

 photo CT6A7119.jpg

 photo CT6A7120.jpg

 photo CT6A7121.jpg

 photo CT6A7123.jpg

 photo CT6A7124.jpg

 photo CT6A7125.jpg

 photo CT6A7126.jpg

 photo CT6A7127.jpg

 photo CT6A7128.jpg

 photo CT6A7129.jpg

 photo CT6A7130.jpg

 photo CT6A7131.jpg

 photo CT6A7132.jpg

 photo CT6A7133.jpg

 photo CT6A7134.jpg

 photo CT6A7135.jpg

 photo CT6A7138.jpg

 photo CT6A7140.jpg

 photo CT6A7143.jpg

 photo CT6A7144.jpg

 photo CT6A7145.jpg

 photo CT6A7146.jpg

 photo CT6A7147.jpg

 photo CT6A7148.jpg

 photo CT6A7149.jpg

 photo CT6A7150.jpg

 photo CT6A7151.jpg

 photo CT6A7152.jpg

 photo CT6A7153.jpg

 photo CT6A7154.jpg

 photo CT6A7155.jpg

 photo CT6A7156.jpg

 photo CT6A7157.jpg

 photo CT6A7158.jpg

 photo CT6A7159.jpg

 photo CT6A7164.jpg

 photo CT6A7168.jpg

 photo CT6A7169.jpg

 photo CT6A7170.jpg

 photo CT6A7171.jpg

 photo CT6A7172.jpg

 photo CT6A7176.jpg

 photo CT6A7177.jpg

 photo CT6A7178.jpg

 photo CT6A7179.jpg

 photo CT6A7180.jpg

 photo CT6A7182.jpg

 photo CT6A7183.jpg

 photo CT6A7184.jpg

 photo CT6A7185.jpg

 photo CT6A7186.jpg

 photo CT6A7187.jpg

 photo CT6A7188.jpg

 photo CT6A7189.jpg

 photo CT6A7190.jpg

 photo CT6A7191.jpg

 photo CT6A7193.jpg

 photo CT6A7196.jpg

 photo CT6A7199.jpg

 photo CT6A7200.jpg

 photo CT6A7201.jpg

 photo CT6A7202.jpg

 photo CT6A7203.jpg

 photo CT6A7204.jpg

 photo CT6A7205.jpg

 photo CT6A7206.jpg

 photo CT6A7208.jpg

 photo CT6A7211.jpg

 photo CT6A7213.jpg

 photo CT6A7214.jpg

 photo CT6A7215.jpg

 photo CT6A7216.jpg

 photo CT6A7217.jpg

 photo CT6A7218.jpg

 photo CT6A7219.jpg

 photo CT6A7221.jpg

 photo CT6A7222.jpg

 photo CT6A7223.jpg

 photo CT6A7224.jpg

 photo CT6A7225.jpg

 photo CT6A7226.jpg

 photo CT6A7228.jpg

 photo CT6A7229.jpg

 photo CT6A7230.jpg

 photo CT6A7231.jpg

 photo CT6A7233.jpg

 photo CT6A7234.jpg

 photo CT6A7235.jpg

 photo CT6A7236.jpg

 photo CT6A7237.jpg

 photo CT6A7238.jpg

 photo CT6A7239.jpg

 photo CT6A7240.jpg

 photo CT6A7243.jpg

 photo CT6A7244.jpg

Graeme Holland of Audion
Tufan Hashemi of Roksan Audio

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  • Hifi Pig would like to say a massive thank you to the Part Time Audiophile for allowing us to use these photographs. Part 2 is here   Part 2

  • Hifi Pig would like to say a massive thank you to the Part Time Audiophile for allowing us to use these photographs. Part 1 here Part 2 here Part 4 here

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