Channel Islands Audio, who are celebrating their 20th anniversary, have announced the release of their PEQ 1 MKII MM/MC Phono Preamplifier.

CIAudio say that: “The PEQ 1 is a versatile design offering outstanding performance with a wide variety of phono cartridge types.

Key features include:

Ultra-Low noise

Ultra-Low harmonic & intermodulation distortion (THD/IMD)

Dual-Mono Design for low crosstalk

Heavy steel Faraday cage for high resistance to electromagnetic and radio frequency interference

Rear panel DIP switches for convenient configuration & adjustment

5 Year Warranty

Handcrafted in USA”

Performance Specifications
   RIAA Accuracy:                  +/- 0.2 dB
   THD + Noise:                      < .002% (1kHz Unweighted/45dB gain/10mV)
   IMD:                                   < .002% (SMPTE)
   Crosstalk:                           > 108dB
   Cartridge Loading:
Resistance:                    47KΩ • 10KΩ • 1Ω • 100Ω
Capacitance:                  100pf • 270pf • 370pf
   Gain:                                   45dB • 60dB
   Subsonic Filter:                   -3dB @ 18Hz
   Output Impedance:            100 ohms
   Operating Voltage:              120V AC Input • 14V AC Output (Standard Supply)
   Power Consumption:          < 4.0 Watts
   Dimensions:                       8.50″W x 2.75″H x 6.50″D
   Weight:                               6.5 lbs. (actual), 7.0 lbs. (shipping)   

Retail Price $995


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