Charlie Hendersen has lead British brand Naim Audio since 2018, when he was invited to join, asked by the VerVent Group CEO to stabilise the company and implement a financial turnaround.

The Salisbury based Naim Audio team contacted us with the news this morning.

Charlie says: “I promised myself that by the time I moved on I would leave this jewel of British manufacturing in the best of health”.

Charlie Hendersen Leaves Naim Audio

Naim and Focal are sister brands but retain their individuality

Naim Audio And VerVent

Charlie moving on as he’s achieved everything he was brought in to do. Even in the midst of a global pandemic Naim has had two back-to-back record years and has an exciting product roadmap ahead… the time has come for Naim to move back to the day-to-day management of its parent company, the VerVent Group.

Focal and Naim have been under the same leadership for almost 10 years, since August 2011, and continue to work closely together as separate brands with a unified strategy for global growth. The French and British brands work together at every level, from R&D to retail to partnerships, but remain separate brands, proud of their heritage and ‘Made in France/Made in Salisbury’ status… no changes are planned there.

Hifi Pig wishes Charlie every success in whatever the future holds for him.

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