The new Chord Company Bridge shorting plug uses its proprietary techniques and is claimed to reduce HF noise.

The new Chord Company Bridge is a British designed and engineered shorting plug, created to reduce high-frequency noise interference in high-performance hifi equipment.

Chord Company Bridge Shorting Plug

Chord Co Bridge

Offering protection from noise for devices with unused power supply upgrade ports, such as Naim Audio’s NDX and NDX 2 audiophile network music players, the Chord Company Bridge shorting plug works by reducing HF noise on the critical signal ground.

Hand-built in the UK, the Bridge offers, say Chord Co, “an instant upgrade over the basic unshielded shorting plugs supplied with audio equipment”.

Aluminium Chassis

The Bridge has a heavy-gauge machined aluminium chassis for both acoustic and electrical isolation, the Chord Company Bridge also offers the Wiltshire company’s flagship proprietary Taylon® insulation material throughout the internal wiring. Further features include resin-damped internals to help further increase acoustic isolation.

A strictly limited number of Chord Company Bridges have been manufactured and are available only while stocks last.

Chord Company Bridge Shorting Plug

Price And Availability

A strictly limited number of Chord Company Bridges have been manufactured and are available only while stocks last.

The Chord Company Bridge is available now priced at £500.

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