Chord Company is bringing its latest XLPE insulation technology to hifi and home cinema fans on a budget, with the launch of C-screenX, the British A/V cable specialist’s latest loudspeaker product to benefit from the new dielectric.

At just 9 mm in diameter and fully shielded,  C-screenX’s narrow profile means it can be easily hidden around room edges or buried away in custom installations. C-screenX is flexible enough to route around corners with ease and its white outer jacket (which protects the shielding), also makes it virtually invisible against white skirting boards.

Chord Company says that C-screenX is ideal for larger home cinema projects


Featuring multi-stranded oxygen-free copper conductors and insulated with Chord Company’s new XLPE (Cross Linked Polythene), C-screenX is arranged in a twisted-pair configuration to reduce interference and then enclosed in a PVC casing which reduces mechanical noise and spaces the conductors correctly.

Home Cinema

Chord Company says that C-screenX is ideal for larger home cinema projects, where often complex cable-runs are the norm; it performs well over longer runs and is install-friendly.

C-screenX forms part of Chord Company’s entry-level C-series, which also offers analogue and digital interconnects, including USB, streaming and HDMI cables.

Price And Availability

C-screenX is available now priced at £7.50 p/m off the reel.

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