Chord Electronics has launched an exclusive, limited-edition Mojo and Poly Christmas gift pack, which contains everything to get into high-resolution mobile music streaming this Christmas (£990).

The 2018/19 Christmas gift packs include a Mojo DAC/headphone amplifier, Poly wireless streaming module/SD card player, a new Mojo and Poly protective leather sleeve case, a 64GB micro SD card, plus a dedicated interchangeable charger.

The Gofigure App for Android, which, following an extensive development period in 2018, joins the iOS version, offering compatibility with most smartphones and smart devices. The Mojo and Poly are designed to wirelessly stream high-resolution music from connected devices all with smartphone/device control. Presented in a special custom-made hinged presentation box with dedicated sleeve, laser-cut foam and full-colour product manual, the Christmas gift packs are strictly limited in number.

Mojo & Poly 2018/19 Christmas gift pack contents:

Mojo DAC/headphone amplifier

Poly wireless streaming/SD playback module

Mojo & Poly protective leather sleeve case

64GB micro SD card

Mojo/Poly (interchangeable) charger

Full-colour product manual

Price £990



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