Hifi Pig received a message from Funjoe the founder of Clones Audio in Hong Kong. Clones Audio is a one-man clonesworkshop producing amplifiers which are inspired by the 47labs gain card, so essentially gain clone products.

The story goes that one day Funjoe’s father came along to listen to his 47labs system, liked it and wanted a set for himself and so Funjoe decided to make him one for his birthday.

Funjoe says ” There are many people making the gain clone, but not many of them really get the soul of it. Many of them try to make the gain clones with audiophile parts, I tried it too but I don’t think it is better. Then I tried to do it in the simple way. After many trial and errors I have my own version of the gain clone. A new PCB layout and tiny case to make the signal path more direct.”

“For sure all of the amplifier will hand made by myself to keep the products in highest performance. I would like to sell at an affordable price so that more people can make a first step on the audio journey this wonderful stuff. Also to have my own production is my dream also.”

There are 4 power amplifiers in the range including two monos and two integrated amplifiers as well as a stereo power amplifier starting at $429.


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