Club Kuru, are a London based alt-psych rock band and they are about to drop a new album called Meet your Maker. Roughly 45 minutes long, the album certainly does not overstay its welcome as it is a fantastic listen that gives off impressions of bands such as Tame Impala and even, to me, Pink Floyd – take a listen here and you’ll see what I’m on about. 

Also, there is even a sense of Fleetwood Mac’s Albatross in the song called Wednesday is Dead with its psychedelic guitar riff that is apparent throughout the piece. However, that song only makes me think of the Marks and Spencer’s advert for some reason! The one where a chocolate pudding is covered in double cream. Which actually is not a bad way of describing this album.

The best song for me was the 10th song, the album’s title track. The song starts off slow and quiet, except for the introduction of a disembodied and distorted voice a minute in which took me fully by surprise. It continues to vary with pace and melody changes, which is why it is the stand out tune for me, as it demonstrates the range of the band.

Ultimately, this record is an absolute pleasure to listen to, from every aspect of its production. It is obvious, that Club Kuru is a very talented band. If you like psychedelic rock or looking for an introduction into it, then Meet Your Maker is a good choice. For me, the only maker I want to meet is the maker of this record.

Out May 3rd on Dog Holiday Records


Benjamin Tapper

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