This is the second outing in about a year from Christopher J Connelly (Ministry, Revolting Cocks, Sons Of The Silent Age) and Jason C Novak (Acumen Nation, DJ?, Acucrack, Czar) and can be summed up in one word (pretty much) BRUTAL !!!

It’s a dirty, heavy and industrial kick in the nuts with a lyrical content that lays waste to corporate America. Not a record to play when the Mother-in-law pops round for afternoon tea, Corporate Sting is uncomfortable, distorted and disturbing, but at the same time fresh, unsullied and honest. It reeks of a punk aesthetic and, whilst it may not be a snug-comfort- blanket of a listen, it actually has something to say and communicates this in a visceral and “real” fashion and for this Cocksure should be applauded.

Music has many roles to play and Corporate Sting plays the part of agent-provocateur in a world of bland, manufactured, saccharin-sweet existence and for that it is worthy of recommendation …just not for the faint of heart!!!!  Out 14th September.

Stuart Smith

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