We’ve been following Coffman Labs for sometime now and have reported on their new products when they’ve become Valves_coffman_labs_newsavailable. Coffman are a small company based in US and who make just two products, the G1-A preamplifier and the H1-A headphone amplifier.

Coffman contacted Hifi Pig to let us know all about a special offer they’re running at the moment whereby the next 5 buyers of the G1-A will get a free upgrade of some specially chosen vintage tubes to take the sound of the preamplifier to the “Highest level”.

The first two buyers will get the selected vintage tubes plus a vintage GZ34 for the power supply and buyers 3-5 will get some upgraded tubes but the standard power supply.

The valve compliment for buyers 3- 5 is as follows:

5687: Raytheon Black Plate Mil-Spec
12AU7 GE 5814A Industrial rated matched pairs
12AX7: GE 5-Star 5751 Triple Mica Matched 1962-35 date codes
5AR4 Sovtek

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