Talking of Hifi shows, places like Las Vegas, Munich, London and Bristol spring quickly to mind. I have to admit, though, that I had not heard of the Copenhagen show until I was asked to attend it in 2018. Yet Denmark itself is quite a big name in the Hifi manufacturing world.  Not only are there big names we all know such as Ortofon, Bang and Olufsen and Scandyna, but today Denmark plays a significant contribution to the market place with the major contingent including Copland, Dynaudio, Dali, Gryphon, Lyngdorf Audio, Densen, Vitus Audio, Gamut and Tangent, to name just a few. Add to that companies in the whole of Scandinavia and you can see just what a large effect this part of the world has played in the development of the audio and video industries.

Denmark and Scandinavia should therefore have a show they can be proud of, and indeed ‘The Hifi and Surround show’ in Copenhagen has been an annual event for the last quarter of a century, having begun in 1992. Starting modestly in a hotel the other side of Copenhagen, the capital and most populated city on the eastern coast of the island of Zealand, the event has for the last four years taken place at the Clarion Hotel, at Copenhagen airport, meaning easy connectivity for those coming in via the airport. The previous eight years the show was at the Marriott in Copenhagen.

Whilst the show in previous years has centred particularly around home-grown manufacturers, 2018 hopes to take it all to another level, and make it more International.  To help make it more global the organisers have invited a few top journalists from around the world to attend, including yours truly, so I will write a full report on the show, 27th-28th October, in due course. Whilst there were 4800 in attendance last year the organisers hope that this number will grow further as its popularity takes off. If you can’t make it yourself then read my report on the show in

Janine Elliot

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