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The Copland CSA70 integrated amplifier, unlike its bigger brothers, CSA100/CSA150, does not employ tubes in the line stage.

The Danish brand’s newest integrated amplifier, the Copland CSA70 has four digital inputs, three analogue inputs, line out function, as well as pre-out terminal, front-facing 6.3mm headphone output, and a 70 Watts per channel power amplifier. For the vinyl enthusiast Copland has included a phono pre-amplifier.

Copland CSA70 Integrated Amplifier

Copland CSA70 Integrated Amplifier


The Copland CSA70 features the same power amplifier technology as the CSA100/CSA150 with a fast feedback structure and a wide large-signal frequency response.

Copland CSA70 Integrated Amplifier

Copland CSA70 Integrated Amplifier in silver, front and back view

Path lengths throughout the CSA70 amplifiers are minimized by keeping the entire electric audio architecture on a single PCB-board, minimizing susceptibility to RF interference and other extraneous noise pickups. There is a precision audio-grade motorized volume control. Contrary to most digital volume attenuators, it needs no additional electronics in the signal path. The integrated amplifier is protected against several fault conditions that could be dangerous to either amplifier or speakers, including DC offset, overcurrent conditions and thermal overload.

Copland CSA70 Integrated Amplifier

The black finish of the new Copland CSA70 Integrated Amplifier


Output power: 2*70W into 8 ohms load.

Minimum load: 2 ohms

Analog Inputs: 1* Phono / MM (RCA)

3* Line (RCA) unbalanced

Digital Inputs: 1* coaxial S/PDIF.

2* optical S/PDIF.

1* USB. Data input from 16 to 24-bit and sampling rates up to 192kHz.

Line output: 1* Line (RCA)

1* Pre-out /variable (RCA)

Line input impedance: 50 K ohms

Phono input impedance: 47 K ohms (MM)

Phono input Capacitance: 200 pF

Line Inputs sensitivity: 200 mV

Phono sensitivity: 2.6 mV

Frequency response: 5 Hz – 200 kHz -3dB

T.H.D: Better than 0.01 %

Signal / noise IHF-A): Better than 90dB

Phase: Non-inverting

Headphone amp. Gain: 23 dB @ 100 ohms load impedance

Headphone amp. Out imp. 40 ohms

Headphone amp. T.H.D. Better than 0.01 %

Headphone amp. Freq. resp. 10 Hz – 150 kHz / -3dB

Power consumption: Max.400 W

Dimensions: 435mm (w) x 135mm (H) x 370mm (D)

Shipping weight: 13 Kg.


Available with a black or silver front panel, the Copland CSA70 integrated stereo amplifier is now shipping to the UK, distributed by Absolute Sounds.

UK RRP: £2,988 inc. VAT.

Copland CSA70 Integrated Amplifier

HiFi Pig Says: Danish brand Copland completes its all-new integrated amp line-up with its most affordable model.



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