Music tech company, Cotodama, has announced their new ventures with Europe’s ‘leading music tech incubator’ Abbey Road Red along with the launch of Canvas, another speaker in their product line alongside the original Lyric Speaker, which we brought you the news about last year.

The Canvas model is designed to fit in with interior design trends. Canvas consists of two boards leaned against the wall, similarly to vinyl record jackets: the front board is the screen which displays the lyrics, located on the second board are the Hifi audio speakers. Designed as a ‘high art concept which will decorate the home’, Canvas allows listeners to live with their ‘favourite lyrics like a painting on the wall’.

Karim Fanous, Innovation Manager at Abbey Road Red, said: “With streaming, music services have been evolving at an astonishing pace. More music is available and more accessible than ever before, but lyrics haven’t kept up. We’ve lost the feeling of running our fingers over release artwork and reading the lyrics while listening, singing along or mouthing the words when we feel like it. The brilliant team at Cotodama are on a mission to evolve our lyrical experiences. Abbey Road Red explores the world’s most innovative technologies empowering music and culture. We are happy to partner with Cotodama as the company moves forward with new experiences and products for their lyric visualisation technology.”



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