High End Cable contacted Hifi Pig to tell us that they will be at the Cranage Hall Audio Show (which X Large pairwe’re exclusive media partners for) and that they will be demonstrating an impressive array of kit.

The Raidho X-1 stand mount / bookshelf speakers are a technological feed down from the hugely successful ‘C series’. Launched at CES and Munich 2014 Shows, the X-1 has the same Ribbon tweeter used throughout the Raidho range with a new Ceramic driver both mounted on an aluminium baffle meaning that Raidho is now more affordable. The X-1 is a front transmission line which enables placement anywhere in a room, on or off the stand so placement shouldn’t be a problem.

The Bel Canto CD2 up sampling player/transport is a favourite at High End Cable’s show demonstrations and they will be using it as an up sampling player for the show.

For our first time High End Cable will be showing the Norma (in Italian means the Standard) Audio IPA-140 integrated amplifier which offers plenty of power, a phono stage and DAC options.

Being a Hotel room the system power base will be via the Audience aR4 power conditioner and power cables. Add-ons will include QRT Qv2 and Qk1. Cables will be the Audience Conductor ‘e’ range. Cables will be supported using Panda Feet and the inexpensive Cable Lifts
High End Cable will tweak as required and hope to offer all a great sounding room. All the above items can be purchased or ordered at the Show.
At a glance
Raidho X-1 speakers £4,400.00
Bel Canto CD2 Player £2,699.00
Norma Audio IPA 140 integrated amp £4,495.00
Atacama Equinox rack £300.00
Audience Conductor and Power ‘e’ cables £885.00
Audience aR4 power conditioner £3,195.00
Cable Lift and Panda Feet supports from £2.50 each
Nordost Sort Kones from £50.00
QRT Qv2 and Qk1 AC Mains enhancers


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