MCRU will be exhibiting in the McKenzie room at Cranage Hall, featuring the mains combo of IsoTek innovationGenesis and Super Titan, a no compromise mains filtering/regeneration solution for audiophiles.

MCRU will have a special offer on IsoTek’s EVO3 Premier Mains Lead as well as a free prize draw to win an IsoTek Polaris Mains Extension Block worth £295.

MCRU will be featuring a Clearaudio Innovation turntable with Stradivari cartridge along with amplification from Canor and the new MCRU No.101 loudspeakers will also be on show. Not forgetting the digital fans, the Longdog Audio VDt1 DAC will be used via a cd transport to show visitors the CD is not quite dead yet!

“Vinyl is not dead, it just needs a new turntable” John Peel once said, we agree and will have a selection of new and used vinyl in our room for sale via “The Vinyl Adventure” which is a MCRU off-shoot.


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