Today at the IFA show in Berlin, Crystal Acoustics presents in full for the first time its WiSound Multiroom range of products, a series of wireless speakers and complementary devices that offer a uniquely flexible and easy-to-use way of organising a multi-zone music network.Crystal_acoustics_news

The full range includes the Cuby 9 standalone wireless speaker, the Teevy 6 MR soundbase, Teevy Bar soundbar, WiSub subwoofer, the Tower 5 and Tower 6 floorstanding stereo speakers, and the Monitor 1 and Monitor 8 stereo speakers. It also includes the Widaptor, a small Wi-Fi transmitter/receiver that can be attached to any pre-existing audio setup you wish to keep, incorporating your old audio products into your new multi-room music network, all neatly controlled from the smartly designed WiSound app (available now on iOS and Android). In addition, all of the Crystal Acoustics Wireless Multiroom speakers use the company’s unique WiSound technology, a proprietary tech utilising multiple drivers and ingenious processing to employ the acoustic reflections in each room to ensure the speaker delivers exactly the same tonal balance no matter where the listener is in relation to it. This eliminates the ‘sweet spot’, makes music listening intrinsically more social, and makes the performance of the product far less dependent on placement.


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