Whilst not strictly hifi in its purest sense this little box of tricks may appeal to those music lovers that want to have a discrete music source in their kitchen, bedroom or perhaps desktop. The Crystal Avoustics Blubox is a Bluetooth-controlled wireless desktop stereo speaker, designed to generate a “room-filling sound” that you can control from a handheld device.
The Bluebox carries an internal 2 x 15W amplifier. This amp drives two 76mm drivers, which deliver “a substantial sound in conjunction with a bass reflex port, which helps to provide a deep and punchy low-end performance”.

A 3.5mm mini-jack connection allows you to connect any external audio source to the Bluebox.

The Bluebox is also AVRCP compatible, so you can use its buttons to control the playback functions of your handheld device. And as well as being user-friendly, the Bluebox is also said to be “room-friendly”, with a neatly angled, 15-degree inclination to its front fascia.

Price £64.99.

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