CrystalConnect has announced the launch of its new flagship series of cables: The Art Series.

Earlier this week the newly renames CrystalConnect (formerly Crystal Cable) launched The Art Series to the world at a press conference at the Shanghai International High-End Show, where Edwin Rijnveld, CrystalConnect CTO and founder, explained the new cables.

“When a great musician shapes a note, a phrase, or a movement, it’s all about time and place, amplitude, and attack. CrystalConnect high-quality materials and construction preserve not just pitch and harmonics, but the purpose and intent in the playing, the human element that engages and communicates with the soul.”

CrystalConnect Van Gogh Speaker Cable

Artistic Revolution

The new flagship series offers three levels of performance, Monet, van Gogh, and da Vinci,  each named after an artist who fathered a revolution and set new artistic expression standards. It consists of a full range of interconnects, speaker cables, power cords, and digital cables.

CrystalConnect NFC Tag

Infinite Crystal Silver Conductors

The entire Art Series uses CrystalConnect’s latest, solid, Infinite Crystal Silver conductors and the same advanced construction and insulation materials. Consistent construction means that you can easily combine cables from different levels.

CrystalConnect Monet XLR Cable

Robert Winterhoff, CrystalConnect CEO: “I want to express my sincere thanks to our engineering team. The best way to delight your customers is to exceed their expectations. We have achieved results that are explainable, measurable, and audible improvements. The Art Series lets you hear more information and places that information where it belongs. The ultimate connection to your recordings and the music they contain. It will never cease to amaze you!”

CrystalConnect Da Vinci Speaker Cable

Price And Availability

All Art Series products are available for immediate pre-order, shipments to our partners start in December.

CrystalConnect Da Vinci Power Cable

For pricing information in your country, please contact the local CrystalConnect distribution partner.

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