Cube Audio has launched a new 8-inch driver. The F8 Neo is the most advanced 8″ driver in their catalogue.

The magnetic motor of the F8 Neo provides over 2.1 Tesla in a 12 mm magnetic gap. It has a sensitivity of 97 dB and an impedance of 10 ohms.

Cube Audio Nenuphar Mini Loudspeakers

Cube Audio has used the driver to design two new loudspeaker models, the Nenuphar Mini (floorstander) and Nenuphar Mini Monitor.

Both loudspeakers are completely full-range designs. The Nenuphar Mini Monitor is recommended for rooms up to 20 and the Nenuphar Mini 30 square meters.

Cube F8 Neo Driver Measurements


The F8 Neo drivers are 4980€ a pair

Nenuphar Mini 11990€ a pair

Nenuphar Mini Monitor 11990€ a pair

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