Savannah legends Cusses are back with their sophomore record, Golden Rat. The trio’s story is something straight out of a Hollywood movie script – worn down from years of touring, the group went on haitus, but, through sheer luck and the power of their songs, were chosen to open for Bon Jovi on a portion of his 2017 tour. Inspired by the performance, front-woman Angel Bond reunited the band and the songs that would become Golden Rat took shape.
Despite their local notoriety, Cusses haven’t broken on the national front just yet, but it’s with this new crop of songs that they seem poised to do so. Spotify’s curating team has taken a liking to several singles off the record, adding them to their Fierce Femmes, and All New Rock playlists. Standout tracks like “Critical” see the band juxatposing dark, moody atmospherics with pure adrenaline rock, and the video’s stark treatment only strengthens these elements effectiveness, using spectral, cult-like visuals to transport the viewer. “It invokes the spirit of a range of different bands, from Soundgarden to No Doubt. It’s heavy, pretty, and will haunt you for a time to come.” – John Hill for Revolver Magazine.

he band was voted “Best Local Rock Band” by Connect Savannah where they also discussed the new video, their decision to move to Nashville, and the new record. Check out their tour dates below, and catch the high octane experience that’s propelled the band to local stardom.

Cusses on Tour

9.28.18 – GREEN LANTERN – Lexington, KY
9.29.18 – SPACEBAR – Columbus, OH
9.30.18 – MELODY INN – Indianapolis, ID
10.1.18 – THE OWL – Chicago, IL
10.4.18 – ASBURY PARK BREWERY – Asbury Park, NJ
10.5.18 – ORTLEIBS – Philedelphia, PA
10.6.18 – BERLIN – New York, NY
10.8.18 – STRANGE MATTER – Richmond, VA
10.9.18 – LOCAL 506 – Chapel Hill, NC
10.10.18 – BOXCAR BAR – Greensboro, NC
10.11.18 – ROYAL AMERICAN – Charleston, SC
10.12.18 – THE JINX – Savannah, GA
10.13.18 – 529 – Atlanta, GA
11.08.18 – TBA – Nashville, TN

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