Custom Cable, UK based reseller of headphones, cables and accessories, is launching the Resonessence Herus Herus_2personal headphone DAC. 

Small on form factor, at just 63mm long, 32mm wide and 19mm high, the Herus has Asynchronous USB Audio 2.0, DXD and DSD capabilities.

Designed and manufactured by Resonessence in Canada, Herus is crafted from a solid block of aluminium and has just two connections: a USB type ‘B’ socket at one end and a 6.35mm (1/4”) stereo headphone jack at the other end.

The latest high bit rate file formats are catered for, with PCM audio of up to 24bits and 352.8 kbps in addition to DXD and DSD64/128, ensuring compatibility with your preferred file format.

On connection to the computer, Herus will register itself as being able to control the volume internally, with the playback software sending control commands to the ESS 9010-2M DAC chip.

Phil Wannell, sales manager at Custom Cable, says, “The £299 Herus is the smallest of the Resonessence DAC products, but it has lost none of the high quality engineering that makes the range so sought after by users of computer based music systems.” He continues, “We are sure that its introduction is going to redefine the category, with Herus proving to be the lord and master of compact headphone DACs.”

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