Cyrus Audio announces a new music streaming component to join its premium Signature Series StreamXSignaturerange for 2014. 

Cyrus announces the Stream X Signature; a music streamer which Technical Director Peter Bartlett claims provides “unparalleled sonic performance”. “Combining compatibility with high resolution audio formats and the most advanced audio engineering, Stream X Signature is intended to be the finest music source available today”.  

Capable of streaming high resolution audio files at up to 24 bit/192 kHz and offering compatibility with the high quality file formats, the Stream X Signature allows wired or wireless connection to UPnP and DLNA devices, as well as USB host and coaxial SPDIF connections.

The Stream X Signature offers control and navigation through either Cyrus’s bespoke iOS app Cadence or its specialist n-remote, a logical and intuitive control system.

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