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Cyrus Audio, has launched the new Stream Xa, a standalone uPnP network music player with internet radio. StreamX_Quartz (high res)

The new Stream Xa is a wired/wireless source component offering reproduction of digitally stored music files, a world of internet radio and audiophile-grade sound quality for digitally connected devices. Based upon Cyrus’s established StreamX2 platform, the new Stream Xa adds a DAC module with streaming music capability up to 24-bit/192kHz-quality. The Stream Xa’s  has six digital inputs (3x S/PDIF; 2x optical; 1x USB and its rear-mounted USB-A input also offers direct connection to digital-output-compatible Apple devices.

Cyrus’s UPnP network engine is compatible with a wide range of Network Attached Storage (NAS) drives, computers and many other UPnP-compatible media servers and its TuneIn internet radio functionality offers in excess of 80,000 global radio stations.

The streamer’s functions can be accessed using two Cyrus control systems: the free Cadence iOS* app and the supplied n-remote controller, a two-way control unit that makes browsing a networked music library simple, while also giving full control of the Stream Xa at the touch of a button. The n-remote also has an infra-red learning capability so that it can learn to control other products in the home. The direct RF (radio frequency) link from the n-remote provides a robust connection to the streamer, allowing fast and reliable control. The n-remote makes it possible to browse a music library by artist, album, genre or access internet radio stations.

The Cyrus Cadence app is completely bespoke and gives users visibility over networked music, extensive streamer feature control. Designed to complement (rather than replace) the n-remote, the app will ‘drive’ many features, such Stream_Xa_as changing inputs, browsing connected devices etc. as well as

The Stream Xa in detail

Enclosure: Cyrus pressure die-cast chassis

Material: Lightweight Aluminium non-magnetic alloy

Power Supply: Low noise SMPSU plus torodial transformer

Outputs: SPDIF (RCA) digital x1

Communications: MC-BusTM System Bus

Aux digital inputs: 3 x S/PDIF, 2 x Optical, 1 x USB A

USB A input: Rear, iPod digital compatible. Made for iPod certified.

Format Compatibility: Internet radio (Windows Media-formatted content, MP3 streams, MMS Playlists (M3U, PLS), MP3, AAC (up to 320kbit/s, CBR/VBR) Apple Lossless (digital from iPod) Windows Media-formatted content-9 (up to 320kbit/s) WAV and FLAC (up to 24-bit/192kHz via UPnP or USB)

Digital output: Optical 500mVp-p SPDIF

UPNP   Hi-Res up to 24 bit/192kHz (WAV and FLAC)

Sample rate supported: Up to 192 kHz

Dimensions (HxWxD): 73x215x360mm, 2.8×8.4×14.1 (inches)

Finish: Quartz or Brushed Black 

The Stream Xa is available now priced at £1,250 (includes n-remote)


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