roksponsmallCyrus Audio is throwing a party that will bring out the wild side of the visitors at The Indulgence Show, when it launches its “Party Animal” promotional campaign for the new Cyrus ONE amplifier.

Music lovers and hifi fans alike, who visit Cyrus in the Fronsac Suite, 2nd Floor, Novotel London West, will be given the chance to participate in a social media competition for the chance to win their very own Cyrus ONE. Using the props supplied and the suitably decorated backdrop, party animals can take their selfies and post them onto social media. The photo that achieves the biggest reach across social channels will secure a Cyrus ONE for the lucky party animal.

The Indulgence Show will see the UK public launch of the Cyrus ONE, the new compact 100 watt amplifier that is designed to appeal to the newest generation of music lovers. At just £700, the Cyrus ONE is affordable and true to the British brand’s core sonic values.

Cyrus will be demonstrating the ONE with a variety of sources to show off its versatility, including vinyl and Bluetooth streaming – the two most popular choices for the new hi-fi customer. And for those people wanting to listen via headphones, a product group that outstrips the rest of the hifi separates market put together in terms of sales value, the ONE will be showing off its prowess as a high quality headphone amplifier. Party guests will be able to listen to a variety of different headphones, playing a selection of music from different genres supplied by a Cyrus streamer, or they can simply connect their phone via Bluetooth and listen to their own music of choice.

Announcing the Party Animal campaign, Simon Freethy, managing director, says, “The ONE is all about having fun and reconnecting with music and as such we thought we’d throw a party. During each day at the show we’ll be clearing the chairs away, turning up the volume and playing tracks by the latest artists from the world of dance music. So come along, enjoy the music, get dressed up in the Party Animal attire and take part in our social media competition. We’re looking forward to sharing the fun with you.”

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