Following the successful launch of the Anniversary Series System, British hi-fi manufacturer, Cyrus Audio, has Signature_Grouplaunched the Signature Series, an exclusive range of components that continue Cyrus’s 30th anniversary celebrations well into 2013.

Initially comprising a four-strong range, the components share many of the modifications seen in the limited-edition Anniversary Series System and have been fine-tuned by Technical Director, Peter Bartlett. The Signature Series will represent Cyrus’s flagship product line up and comprises the following: DAC X Signature (DAC); DAC XP Signature (DAC/preamp) and the Mono X 200 and 300 Signature (mono power amps). Further models are expected to join the range later in the year.

DAC X Signature

The DAC X is a multi-input DAC with new twin 32-bit stereo DACs, designed in dual-mono configuration, enabling balanced transfer and the operational elements of the system, such as the digital control signals, to be optically isolated from the twin mono DAC cards. The DAC X Signature also has a carefully specified power supply system based on a custom designed ultra-low-noise torroidal power transformer; the power is cascaded through a number of sophisticated regulation stages and isolation techniques that ensure each section receives an unrestricted, noise-free, power supply.

DAC XP Signature

Its DAC chips have been upgraded to 32-bit resolution running in fully balanced operation and there have been numerous enhancements to the power supply including: upgraded power transformers; extensive new power filtering and improved smoothing on the DAC supply; new ‘short path’ analogue input switching stages plus an updated XLR output design, providing a purer balanced output circuit.

Mono X 200/300

The Mono X amplifiers come in at 200 and 300 watts respectively. The Signature Series updates include a replacement input buffer op-amp with a higher slew rate and higher gain bandwidth plus additional power filtering to reduce electromagnetic interference across all supply voltages.

DAC X Signature (DAC)                                        £1,750

DAC XP Signature (DAC/preamp)                         £2,750

Mono X 200 Signature (mono power amp)            £1,950

Mono X 300 Signature (mono power amp)            £2,750

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