D’Agostino Master Audio Systems have announced the new Momentum HD Preamplifier, an upgrade to their Momentum Preamplifier.

The D’Agostino Momentum HD Preamplifier builds on the platform of the Momentum Preamplifier adding the new HD status for the High Dynamic and High Definition improvements that are included in this upgrade. The new Momentum HD Preamplifier incorporates advancements in the power supply, audio circuitry, and control sections.

The Momentum HD Preamplifier Technology Upgrades

The D’Agostino Momentum HD Preamplifier main power transformer is 33% larger as compared to the original Momentum Preamplifier. A unique winding technology, first employed in the Momentum M400 Amplifier, delivers greater power output from the same footprint. Taking advantage of this increased power supply capability, the output stages are now operating at a 36% percent higher voltage rail.

A completely new discrete differential FET input stage features two current sources per leg and an input impedance greater than 1MOhm.  This ultra high input impedance isolates the input stage and thus the entire audio signal path from external variables.

Also new is the Bluetooth technology featured in the included remote control. The Bluetooth backbone extends the range of the remote by a factor of five and eliminates line of sight limitations that are inherent in IR remote controls. There is also newly designed tone and volume control circuitry.

The industrial design has also been updated with the signature copper elements being reshaped to better match the Momentum M400 and S250 amplifiers. The Momentum HD Preamplifier will be available in silver or black.

Pricing And Customer Upgrades

The D’Agostino Momentum HD Preamplifier has an MSRP of $40,000 USD. Existing Momentum Preamplifier owners will be able to upgrade to the new Momentum HD Preamplifier electronic upgrades. Upgrades include electronic enhancements only, original metal work will be retained. Pricing for original Momentum Preamplifier owners is $7,500 USD. UK pricing to be confirmed.




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