Danish manufacturer DALI has developed a series of terminated loudspeaker cables to complement their speakers. Dubbed DALI CONNECT, there are four loudspeaker cables in the line-up (including a bi-wiring option), each variant being available in mechanically tuned two, three and four metre lengths. Each of the cables is fitted with carbon-cased cable splitters that physically separate the terminations to avoid accidental shorting. The terminations comprise corrosion-resistant rhodium-plated banana plugs, encased in the same carbon material as the splitters. A mechanical twisting mechanism expands the plugs’ centre-pins to make a tight, secure connection with amplifier loudspeaker terminals. A distinctive mesh outer jacket over a PVC inner jacket provides the finishing touch. 

DALI SC RM230C – High Definition Speaker Cable 

Incorporating an impressive 74 strands of 3.0mm2 OFC (oxygen-free copper) wiring, the SC RM230C combines concentric stranding with insulating materials with low dielectric properties, to ensure a low-resistance, low-distortion and well-shielded path for audio signals. Each concentric conductor bundle is individually shielded in polyethylene (PE) and, by twisting the conductor bundles around each other in layers and by changing the direction of the conductors in each layer, we ensure that every layer is tightly gripped. This arrangement forces every strand in the conductor to be closely packed together, minimising microphonic effects while maintaining flexibility.


DALI SC RM230S – Absolute Clarity Speaker Cable 

Like the RM230C, this version also uses PE insulation but here each of the 74 individual strands of copper wire used are now silver-plated to help improve performance in the ultra high frequencies.

DALI SC RM230ST – Ultra Transparent Speaker Cable 

The flagship cable takes the RM230S formula and elevates it to yet another level by replacing the standard PE conductor insulation with a high-purity, inert FEP (Foamed Polyethylene) type and a PE outer layer.


SC RM230C: 2m – £269, 3m – £299, 4m – £329

SC RM230S: 2m – £309, 3m – £359, 4m – £409

SC RM230ST: 2m – £349, 3m – £399, 4m – £449

SC RM430ST: 2m – £539, 3m – £599, 4m – £679


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