DALI has launched its new Oberon C range of wireless, active loudspeakers. They say that the system is easy to set up; just turn it on, connect to your device via Bluetooth and press play, no cables or amplifier required.

The Oberon C series has been designed as an all-in-one audio solution. To enhance TV and movies by simply connect your TV via the Sound Hub Compact’s HDMI ARC input. There’s no need for an additional app; just plug in, pair, and play instantly.

The Dali Oberon C wireless, active loudspeaker family

DALI Oberon 1 C

An ultra-compact speaker with a wide sound profile, for smaller rooms, discreet audio setups, or wall-mounting.

DALI Oberon On-Wall C

A slim, discreet on-wall speaker, it be placed either side of a wall-mounted TV.

DALI Oberon 7 C

A floorstanding speaker. The Oberon C power amplification comprises two 50 Watt peak, closed-loop Class-D power amplifiers chosen specifically for their sound quality and dynamic ability. One amplifier powers the high frequency driver, one powers the bass/mid driver (or twin drivers in the case of the Oberon 7 C).

DALI Sound Hub Compact

The brand-new Sound Hub Compact has been designed specifically with TV integration and Bluetooth audio in mind. The space saving and hide-able Sound Hub Compact wireless audio preamplifier, enables a stable zero-loss digital connection with any preferred sound source via the multitude of inputs, such as HDMI ARC and Bluetooth.

The new Dali Sound Hub Compact


The Oberon 1 C, Oberon 7 C, And Oberon On-Wall C are available in four finishes. Black ash, dark walnut, light oak, and white.

OBERON 1 C System (including SOUND HUB COMPACT): £1,199

OBERON 7 C System (including SOUND HUB COMPACT): £1,799

OBERON ON-WALL C System (including SOUND HUB COMPACT): £1,399

(Upgrade any of the above systems to the DALI SOUND HUB & BLUOS Module for an additional £250)

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