Dali have introduced the Zensor Pico and Zensor Pico Vokal, an ultra compact, high quality speaker range with a very small footprint.Dali_Zensor_Pico_news_A

Designed for people living in a smaller space, the Zensor Pico are, essentially, a scaled down Zensor One (about 30% smaller). They use exactly the same 25mm treble driver, married to a 4.5in mid-bass driver, all housed in a tiny bass-reflex cabinet that’s designed for on-wall or near wall mounting (both models have integral keyhole mounting brackets), making them ideal for small/mid-sized rooms.  There are plenty of mix and match options but Dali recommends home cinema fans make a beeline for the Dali Zensor Pico 5.1 System. This comprises two pairs of the Pico speakers, a Pico Vokal, plus the award-winning E-9-F Subwoofer. With a 170 watt power amplifier driving its 9in aluminium bass driver, this downwards ported design (to enable near wall positioning) gives a response down to 35Hz (+/- 3dB).Dali_Zensor_Pico_news_B

Available in Black, White or Light Walnut, enabling you to mix and match the Zensor Pico with other members of the Zensor family.  Available now at £159 for a pair of Dali Zensor Pico, £79 for a Pico Vokal and £779 for the Zensor Pico 5.1 System.


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