Dan Clark Audio, (formally MrSpeakers), the headphone manufacturer based in San Diego, is announcing the launch of an Equity Crowdfunding Campaign with Startengine.

Would you like the opportunity to become a “real part” of the future of Dan Clark Audio? The last 6 months have been very busy at Dan Clark Audio, they renamed MrSpeakers to Dan Clark Audio, launched the ÆON 2 Open and Closed-back headphones and introduced the Club DCA loyalty program.

Then COVID-19 Happened

Andy Regan, President of Dan Clark Audio told us “We thought it would slow us down, but it appears physical distancing requirements and working from home are motivating people to improve their audio as they adjust to life without concerts, movies, festivals, theater, etc. Obviously a pandemic is uncharted waters and we can’t say if this is an enduring trend, but it’s definitely encouraging and happily, we’ve been able to adapt to these new conditions and keep production going to meet the demand!”.

Your Chance To Become a Partial Owner Of Dan Clark Audio

Andy continues: “So now we’re incredibly excited to announce we’re working with the groundbreaking StartEngine platform to kick off our equity crowdfunding campaign to accelerate our business. Equity crowdfunding is  governed by SEC regulations, not a “KickStarter” style product purchase, a way for the the public to invest in small, early-stage companies in exchange for equity, otherwise considered partial ownership plus it’s a brilliant opportunity for entrepreneurs to develop their business and investors to get an early stake in business ideas that excite them”.

Why Now?

Andy told us: “Our new product plans are aggressive, with exciting new products in the pipeline. We’re raising capital to accelerate our product roadmap, and our business, including our first in-ear-monitor (IEM), adding a whole new category to our product line, built around our first IEM patent-pending technology plus  another new product that will allow us to enter an additional new personal audio market. In short, we’re really excited about the opportunity to raise capital and accelerate our business, and would like to invite you to join us on the next phase of our journey to build amazing headphones that bring joy to our customers and are built right here in sunny San Diego”.

Search ‘Startengine Dan Clark’ for more information.

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