The Ether 2 is Dan Clark Audio’s top-of-range open-back planar magnetic headphone. Launched in late 2018, it was designed to be light, weighing in at 290 grams, constructed in titanium, aluminium, and carbon fibre.

Ear Pads

To date, the Ether 2 has been offered with one of three different ear pads (original, perforated and microfibre suede), each offering a different sound and comfort experience, allowing customers to tailor their purchase to suit personal preferences.

Now, the Ether 2 is being offered as a ‘system package’ which includes all three ear pads. Dan Clark Audio say that the ear pads offer a subtle but influential transition as sound travels from driver to ear.

“The Ether line of headphones is our ultimate expression of our love of music,” says the brand. “Built with cost-no-object construction, they represent our most advanced mechanical, acoustical and ergonomic headphone designed.”

The Ether 2 is Dan Clark Audio’s top-of-range open-back planar magnetic headphone

Pricing And Availability

Dan Clark Audio’s Ether 2 headphone system is available now, priced at £2170 (including VAT). For current Ether 2 owners wishing to try out the new system, Dan Clark is offering a package of additional ear pads at a reduced price.

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