An interesting looking small loudspeaker from the Danish manufacturer Davone. The Davone Mojo is a small loudspeaker that can be used on a stand, on a shelf or even on the wall and utilises an interesting acoustic lens concept which is said to give a 36o degree dispersion of sound and a downward firing subwoofer.

We will be reviewing the Davone Mojo as a separate hifi component as well as with the Artora ArtAmp 150.


  1. I am about to buy the Davone Mojo one of these days.
    I am very curious about your first experiences with the speakers. Can yo please fill me in.
    I think having to wait until the complete review shows will be too long for me

  2. These are exceptional small speakers. Looking forward to your review. If you have any questions shoot us an email or drop by one of our dealers.

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