Italian High End Hifi manufacturer, Delta Sigma, are doing their bit for the environment.

We are starting to hear of more and more brands who are taking responsibility for their environmental impact in what can be a packaging-heavy and non-environmentally friendly industry.

Delta Sigma have announced that for every piece of equipment sold, a plant/tree will be delivered to the customer. The customer can choose a variety suitable for their country or chose to have Delta Sigma plant a tree in the forest close to their Southern Italian property.

Domenico Simonetti Of Delta Sigma

Domenico Simonetti of Delta Sigma told us: “In the reality it is something we have already been doing over the last few years. We already planted about 100 plants, I gave some rare plants to botanical garden of Palermo in Sicily and I personally cultivate many trees, and an orchid collection of 120 species”.

Delta Sigma are also looking at their environmental impact in other ways.  They are trying to reduce plastic use in the packaging of their equipment and are avoiding high impact paints. They also are aiming for low wattage in their Class A amplifiers, with a maximum of 10W Class A for their biggest model, all their other amplifiers are Class B.

Pictured are the Delta Sigma Capriccio and North Pole power amplifiers.

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