The new all-in-one smart Hifi amplifier Dense Home is now available for preorder on Kickstarter.

We first came across Dense when we reviewed their Dense Adapt DAC, read more here.

Dense Home smart amplifier

Burr-Brown And ESS

Dense Home uses DAC chips from ESS and amplifiers from the TI Burr-Brown. It’s also packed with connectivity; Dense Home can be an audio DAC, Loudspeaker amplifier, Headphone amplifier, TV Receiver, and  Bluetooth receiver.

Dense Home can be a 35W Stereo amplifier or a 70W Mono amplifier with twice the power for one channel

Dense Home is a smart device that constantly analyses the system conditions and runs efficiently. A High-Performance ARM Core Processor keeps the best performance, optimizes tasks, and reduces power consumption.

Dense Home rear connections

Also, Dense Home uses a Class D amplifier topology with a proprietary circuit design to reach 90% efficiency without compromising the noise performance. So, unlike the classic Class AB amplifier, which has an efficiency of up to 60%, the brand claim that Dense Home can save power and the environment.


Rather than looking like a big black box, the Dense Home is topped with Corian to add a natural look to your space in either Limestone White or Rock Black. Corian is widely used in architecture and furniture all around the world.

Dense Home smart amplifier with Corian top, here in the Limestone White option

Price And Availability

Dense Home will be available for preorder on Kickstarter starting at $299.99, and after the preorder period, Dense Home can be purchased from the official Dense Homepage for $799.99 in Q3 2021.


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