On the 12th December KJ West One in London are teaming up with Devialet to bring an exclusive first UK presentation of their new limited edition ‘Expert’ amplifier, Le 900 (or Original D’Atelier) to KJ West One. Hifi Pig got a sneak peek of these recently in Paris and they look beautiful!900

Le 900 is a special product which has been created by Devialet for just 100 units. As the company says ‘A new audiophile icon is born’.

The new model features many upgrades from the previous Le 800 including a newly designed board in the ADH hybrid core which allows for more power transmission, without any size variation. The Class A amplifier has also been optimised to expand its audio performance to 900W and more.

A new thermal management system has been developed. The area of exchanges between the electronic boards and the casing is now doubled.in-box

The power supply for Le 900 has been improved and uses a new card which filters out unwanted noise from the mains. The supply has also been optimised to increase the power transmission capacity allowing it to react more precisely to the power requested by the amplifier.

Why is Original D’Atelier unique?

  • Each piece is individually numbered from 1 to 100. This will be the only batch ever created by the company.
  • The 900 chassis is carved out of a single aluminium block and features a stunning hand polished Copper Gold finish.
  • The Copper coated plate is a unique piece, signed by Devialet founder Pierre-Emmanuel Calmel.

SAMLab Comes to KJ

If you use a Devialet Expert amplifier, but your speakers are not currently SAM compatible, don’t worry. Devialet will be bringing their ‘SAMLab’ to the event.

A Devialet engineer will be on hand to analyse your speakers. If you would like your speakers to be SAM compatible, book yourself in for a session with the engineer.

You will need to bring along at least one of your speakers. The sessions will last between 30 minutes and an hour, so we are limited to 10 sessions. These will be first come, first served.

Devialet consultants will be on hand, running demonstrations of Le 900, the ‘Expert’ range and Phantom. This event is a must attend for any Devialet fanatics.

We look forward to seeing you at the event.

Saturday, 12 December 2015 from 10:00 to 17:30 (GMT)

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