The Digital Amp Co have added a Maraschino Module Development Board to their Kickstarter campaign. They told us: “This board is for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to evaluate and develop applications for our new modules. Some more sophisticated DIYers may also be interested.”

Power is the rail (30-60VDC), 12VDC, and +/-5VDC. The modules are basically a miniaturized Maraschino board with external low voltage power supplies. They are only 1.8 x 2.0 x 0.5 inches and can drive up to 1000W (music peak, thermally limited, 1.8Ω load). SNR is 118dB. Low impedance output for damping factors up to 2000. Sonics are smooth, fast, and clean, like all Maraschino Amplifiers. DC-100kHz bandwidth. These modules can be socketed for upgradeability up to 400W into 4Ω”.

The development package that includes:

  • development board
  • two Maraschino Modules
  • 48V external power supply
  • documentation package

They go on to explain further: “In a world of “me too” ncore and ice power module based amps, the Maraschino Module stands ready to set our partner OEM’s products apart as a future-proof, forward-thinking, sonically optimized contenders. The competition uses modulation techniques that are wildly affected by speaker reactance and with gobs of negative feedback to achieve good bench measurements into a dummy load resistor. The result is ringing and high frequency hash much like the mega-feedback Class-AB amps of the 1980s. Our module offers amazing bench measurements without massive feedback or phase compensation networks. The Maraschino difference is simply better sonics. We have successfully eliminated the harshness associated with other Class-D amps”.

Our Maraschino Module Development Platform is a stereo amplifier. It’s basically a life support system for the modules, providing the necessary power supplies and connections. The board is powered by either a linear power transformer or external DC power supply.  A schematic (and bill of materials) is provided for easy design of your own “amplifier motherboard”. The modules are socketed.  There are both XLR and RCA inputs on the board.  We also offer a speaker connection harness for easy testing”.






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