French manufacturer Diptyque has released the new Diptyque DP107 Isodynamic Loudspeakers.

The DP107 are based on the design of the Diptyque DP77, which we reviewed earlier this year. We were so impressed with them that they gained our highest award at the time, Outstanding Product, and we bought a pair for our smaller listening room.

Diptyque DP107 Isodynamic Loudspeakers

Diptyque DP107 Isodynamic Loudspeakers


This new Diptyque DP107 model was born after 10 years of research and development. They are based on technology and design of the more compact DP77 but are taller by 30cm.

Diptyque DP107 Isodynamic Loudspeakers

Diptyque DP107 Isodynamic Loudspeakers detail

They are composed of a bass-medium membrane of 0.198m² operating on the brand’s PPBM (Push Pull Bipolar Magnet) technology and a ribbon tweeter with neodynium magnets of 45cm long. Its mechanical sandwich structure is extremely rigid to avoid colouration of the sound.

Diptyque DP107 Isodynamic Loudspeakers

Diptyque DP107 Isodynamic Loudspeakers stand detail

Their steel and oak stand hark back to the design of the old ribbon microphones, it brings great rigidity to the set and the ability to adjust the tilt according to the listening point.


Type   2 ways

Sensibility     86db/1W/1m

Impedance    6 Ohms

Bandwidth     40 – 19000Hz

Power handling       150 W (recommended amplifier > 60 W)

Dimensions (height / width / depth)         1070x470x20 mm

Weight / with stand  15Kg / 22Kg

Choice of customizations: 160 colours RAL / printed textiles with your photos.

Diptyque DP107 Isodynamic Loudspeakers

Diptyque DP107 Isodynamic Loudspeakers work on Push Pull Bipolar Magnet technology


Price with stands 5500€

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