Read on for the second part of Dan Worth’s journey with Mundorf and his system.

“The task of installing the first Silver/Gold products was a real revelation in upgrading the sound quality all around and my initial task as before was to change out the capacitors. I reverted to the Evo range of products again, moving from the standard aluminium in oil Supremes to the Evo Silver/Gold  – these added an extra level of detail all around and an Evo being an Evo has a punchier quality over the more, I’d say, natural appeal of a Supreme, although the Evo is a good natural sounding cap especially in its Silver/Gold form they are a little more driven, which is something I like personally in my presentation as they add a touch more enthusiasm to the electronic music I do like to listen to. The next step up from these is the silver/gold in oil…”

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