Discover DS Audio’s new entry-level DS-E1 optical cartridge at the North West Audio Show this year.

Japanese brand DS Audio say that they are the only company in the world making optical cartridges. At this year’s North West Audio Show, UK distributor, Sound Fowndations, will be demonstrating the DS-E1, DS Audio’s newest and most affordable model.

Optical Cartridge

In contrast to moving-magnet (MM) and moving-coil (MC) cartridges, an optical cartridge uses a beam of light to read stylus/cantilever movement. This makes the cartridge much lighter and, claim DS Audio, more agile, while also eliminating the magnetic frictional force caused by magnets and coils and the resulting influence on stylus/cantilever movement.

Another advantage lies in the cartridge’s output. In conventional MM and MC designs, the output signal depends on the velocity at which a tiny magnet or coil moves in an electromagnetic field. At lower frequencies, the magnet or coil moves slowly so the output signal is small, while at higher frequencies it moves more quickly and so the output signal is disproportionately large, hence the need for equalisation. In contrast, in an optical cartridge, the output signal depends on the distance that the stylus moves, so there are no disparities between high and low frequencies. Therefore no equalization is needed (other than RIAA curve correction) and low-frequency reproduction is enhanced since an optical cartridge can theoretically detect signals as low as 1Hz.

DS Audio ION-001

Also on demo for the first time in the UK will be a prototype of DS Audio’s ION-001, first shown at this year’s Munich High-End Show. This device blows a stream of negatively and positively charged air particles over the surface of a vinyl LP to neutralise static.

Join Sound Fowndations in the Babbage Room to find out more.

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