Dublin band Milk. have set about forging a path through which to create music for a rapidly evolving world, one in which they pride themselves on freeing the band from the confines of genre.

Their body of work can be processed in much the same way as your favourite playlists – varied, colourful, and liberating. A moving collage of electro-pop, indie and subdued RnB, Milk.’s sound is unconstrained and immersed in serene beats, bright guitars and hook-filled choruses.

Recent singles Drama Queen, A Little More, and “Always On Time” showcased the myriad of ways that Milk. can stir emotions through rich vocals and immediately danceable hooks. New track “Treat Me” premieres as Clash Magazine’s Track of The Day who comment: “Moving between aspects of serenity and elements of poised emotion, milk. filter this through some euphoric, anthemic songwriting.”

“Treat Me” dials in on big, beaming guitars that shimmer through a song about young love, as vocalist Mark McKenna explains further: “Treat Me is about being in a young relationship with both people not really knowing what they’re doing or how to be in a relationship, unknowingly treating each other unfairly and unfairly asking each other “why you would do that?” When you both know neither have the answer but you hope the other does.”

1, the EP can be viewed almost as a puzzle – the more you make your way through, the more it reveals itself and rewards you. In fact its very creation can be looked at in this way too, with much of the band’s writing process taking place through messenger services like WhatsApp. It’s a process that on the surface might feel at odds with what the themes that the band choose to cover – intimacy and relationships – but dive further and things begin to come into clearer focus. Despite a lack of tangible human contact in the early stages of writing many of these songs, it’s the audible desire for connection that makes these songs sound so genuine, and evokes such an emotional response from their fans. Sometimes the thought of something can conjure strong feelings than actually having it in reality.

Indeed, as each song flows to the next, Milk. explore a different aspect of intimacy as vocalist Mark McKenna says; “whether this is wanting to be with someone physically, to respecting someone so much you hope to, one day, be more like them. I don’t know if I would consider any songs on this EP to be love songs but I would definitely consider some to be about what I thought was love at the time but just turned out to be infatuation or confusion.”

1, the EP blesses the listener with a kaleidoscopic introduction to a band with their sights set on a limitless path of pop experimentation, its broad pallet of influences tethered by universal themes that reach out for connection, and play into the mania and sonic contrast of the digital age that Milk. aim to capture.

Milk. – 1, the EP track listing
1) A Little More
2) Drama Queen
3) Saudade Pt 1
4) Saudade Pt 2 (ft. Search Party Animal)
5) Treat Me
6) Always On Time

Milk. are: Mark McKenna (vocals)
Conor Gorman (guitar)
Conor King (bass)
Morgan Wilson (drums)

“Moving between aspects of serenity and elements of poised emotion, milk. filter this through some euphoric, anthemic songwriting… subdued R&B textures against soaring electro pop.” – Clash

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