roksponsmallDynamic Sounds Associates introduced the Amp I mono block amplifier at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest this October. Each Amp I produces 125 watts of pure Class A power and is of solid state design employing an all-JFET/MOSFET design using DC coupled circuit topology following a source follower input with blocking capacitors to provide a constant input impedance and prevent input DC offsets from damaging speakers.




The amplifier has no loop feedback in order to prevent transient intermodulation distortion and to provide a very wide power bandwidth, without concern for output phase shifts caused by speaker loading or amplifier time delay. The output driver uses 8 of the legendary Hitachi power MOSFETs in a push-pull configuration with a bias current of 3 amps to achieve 125W of Class A power output into an 8 ohm load. Each unit has separate power transformers, power supplies and voltage regulators for the amplifier, driver, and output stages.

Retail price $25,000 for the pair


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