Dynaudio have announced that their new Chief Technology Officer is the widely respected and Ny mand på AM Prodoktion. Jan Abildgaard Pedersen Foto Jens Morten 29.09.04world renowned audio engineer Jan Abildgaard Pedersen. Jan has had a long and accomplished career, having gained an M.SC.E.E. from Aalborg University in which his Master Thesis focussed on Advanced Acoustics and DSP, Jan was quickly recruited by Bang and Olufsen as a DSP Research Engineer.

Jan has worked on some of the biggest breakthroughs in Digital Sound Processing technology such as the development of his ABC room correction system for the famous Bang & Olufsen Beolab 5 loudspeaker. Jan was also involved in the development of ICEpower at Bang & Olufsen. Away from Bang & Olufsen Jan has also achieved great things with Lyngdorf Audio/Steinway Lyngdorf and throughout his career has made the unique decision to balance both managerial and research roles, furthermore Jan is in the unique position of being both a DSP and Acoustics expert.

“It is vital to have deep knowledge in both Acoustics and in DSP to develop true breakthroughs in Audio Quality. On the one hand you need to fully understand the Acoustic challenges on the way toward Perfect Sound Quality and on the other hand you need to fully understand the potential and possibilities of DSP”, Jan Abildgaard Pedersen, CTO of Dynaudio.

Jan is not only well respected for his work at B&O, AM3D and Lyngdorf Audio/Steinway Lynfdorf but also because of the countless patents he has filed and the wide publication of his scientific research. Having sat on countless boards Jan is a prolific figure in the esteemed Audio Engineering Society, he is past president of the organisation and has served as conference chair at five international conferences and is currently serving as conference policy committee chair and awards committee chair.


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