roksponsmallDanish hifi manufacturer, Dynaudio, used in some of the world’s most prestigious studios, such as the BBC and Air, reveals the new Contour series to the UK, at The Indulgence Show in London this coming weekend. The new series consists of four models: the compact 20, the medium – sized floor standing 30, the larger floor standing 60, and the 25C dedicated centre channel speaker for movie lovers.

Dynaudio say that he new Contour features:

New drive units optimised in their symmetrical behaviour through Finite Element Method.

New Dynaudio MSP diaphragms with varied thickness and optimised geometry for improved mechanical stability, dispersion and radiation pattern.

New aluminium voice coils being extremely light while maintaining high current capabilities and efficient dispersion.

Carefully selected crossover components and improved internal wiring.

A heavily braced, curved multi-layer enclosure combined with a solid aluminium front baffle for significantly reduced mechanical resonances.”

Also on display: the XEO and FOCUS XD range of active digital wireless loudspeakers and the EMIT series. 

Prices: Contour 20 £3750, Contour 30: £5750, Contour 60: £7500, Contour 25C: £2750

Dynaudio are on the second floor – D17 Latour. 14Th – 16th October, Novotel West, London.


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