Dynaudio have announced their new Sub, the 250 II which will retail at £750.DYN_Sub 250_livingroom

It’s an active subwoofer with an integrated 200W amplifier and ustilising a 24cm long-throw woofer which has a 100mm voice coil. The enclosure is sealed and it will be available in four finishes.

Interestingly the woofer’s coil and cone are made from Dynaudio’s own MSP material (Magnesium Silicate Polymer).

The amplifier circuit has variable gain setting, a variable low pass filter (50Hz – 150 Hz) and a selectable phase switch. The audio signal can be fed from an AV receiver’s Subwoofer/LFE output into the RCA LFE input, or from a stereo amp’s pre out into the SUB input (2 RCAs). A selectable high-pass filter (Flat, 60Hz or 80Hz) enables the SAT output (2 x RCAs) to facilitate crossover integration between the Sub 250II and the main speakers.

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