Did you know that Métronome Technologie was once a loudspeaker maker? That was in 1987, precisely 30 years ago. This is why they decided to develop Ea, as a “celebration of their origins”. They got in touch to tell us more about their new, Kalista brand, speakers which were first introduced to the public at the High End Munich show in May 2017

Ea’s name comes from the Mesopotamian mythology, in which Ea (AKA Aya or Enki) was the deity of crafts and creation. E.A. is also the acronym of “Enceinte Acoustique” which means “loudspeaker” in French”.

Ea was fully designed by Kalista designers, starting from the idea that the auditorium needs diffusers and complex shapes to restitute the music as close as possible to the original recording, giving the optimal emotion inside a listening room”.

Ea is a 2 meters tall, 150 kg, 400W, 100dB sensitivity, passive loudspeaker. Made in France.


  • Sensitivity : 100 dB (2.83 V / 1 m)
  • Admitted power : 400 W
  • Impedance : 4 Ω
  • Bass reflex type
  • WBT Platinum connectors
  • 2 bass drivers, 380 mm with braided carbon membrane
  • 2 medium drivers, 200 mm with graphite paper membrane
  • 1 tweeter, 25 mm with magnesium dome
  • Dimensions : 510 mm x 610 mm x 1970 mm
  • Weight : 150 kg
  • Lacquer colour, all RAL, possible
  • Material and colour of the central part can be personalised
  • Customisation on request




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