The TD-M1 high-res-compatible wireless desktop audio system from ECLIPSE is now more affordable than ever before, thanks to a price reduction of 20 per cent, following favourable currency conditions in ECLIPSE’s native Japan.TD-M1_BK_06

Since its launch, the TD-M1 has redefined desktop audio sound quality, offering a powerful combination of ECLIPSE’s accurate waveform reproduction expertise, plus a raft of innovative technology, including AirPlay compatibility, high-res audio playback, plus digital amplification. The TD-M1 system brings audiophile sound quality to desktops, workspaces and a multitude of rooms around the home and is built for the digital age.

The TD-M1 uses the same technology employed in ECLIPSE’s TD-712 speaker (£6,500) and adds wireless connectivity and high-resolution music playback, thanks to its built-in DAC.

Read the Hif Pig review of the TD-M1 here.


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