Fujitsu Ten Eclipse contacted Hifi Pig to tell us about their TD-M1 Airplay active wireless speaker system which they_wireless_loudspeaker say can be used as a hifi, desktop monitor or for when watching the television.

The system has been built with a philosophy of “Better in, Better out” and is set up to take advantage of 24/192 formats having a suitable USB connected DAC plus NOS DAC and class D amplification.

The TD-M1 is compatible with AirPlay and AirPlay Direct for all apple devices, has full Wi-Fi streaming, USB Direct for iPhone and Pad charging and has a 3.5mm stereo jack input for connecting TVs and other devices.

The speaker is a single driver 8cm design with no crossover positioned in a non-resonant composite egg cabinet and utilising DSP processing.

The TD-M1 will get its UK launch at the Bristol show and will have a price of £999 inc in UK and $1300 plus tax in USA.

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